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CBRN4772PSFix two problems which prevented clients using Notes R5 (France) from connecting to International English or US servers using port encryption. Note...
DPAT46FU4XPrevent the corruption of an action bar which is edited to remove an image resource assigned as the background image by clearing the image name,...
JPKR46YT69Fix a problem which caused the user's ECL to be modified when editing the Domino Directory Administration ECL. If the administrator selected...
RHON474SQ7Fix a memory corruption problem which could result in damaged data and/or server crashes.
SLYS46PSQXFix a problem on the AIX server which causes failure in applications that use reverse IP lookup to determine the location of a user.
MPEY46BVSBFix a problem which prevented Web administrators from creating new replicas and new copies of databases.
GPFM46VNXLAllow mail to be delivered even if the error, "NSF monitor pool is full," is encountered. This problem will be addressed more fully in a future...
GPFM46HNFSPrevent a router crash caused by processing Macintosh attachments in Internet mail.
GSAN46HTU3Fix problems with the interface to Oracle databases.
JCHN46SR34Fix a memory corruption problem which caused the Microsoft HTTP Server to fail.
MGAN46XK6VFix a crash of the SMTP Server caused by the incorrect processing of incoming mail.
TCAR47DJ4NFix the Unix installer so that you can install from a Kit image copied from the Domino CD.
TDOE47ELYWFix a problem which prevented a Unix install from working on a machine which had previously had R4.5x and been upgraded to R4.6x.
MCHT46FKL6Prevent an intermittent problem with documents missing from views in the Domino Directory, potentially causing problems like replication failures. ...
DKEY46APTZPrevent a SCOS database from being damaged (losing its designation as the single copy object store) during compact. If you have a database which has...
MACY463P5DFix a server crash or the return of an incorrect number of hits when searching against a domain index.
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